How To Wear Bracelets

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A lot of women are sometimes confused on how to wear their bracelets. I think that has a lot to do with the trends. To be honest, it's all about what trend we're in now because trends are not new they just fade in and out. Remember when your mom would say "We been doing that!". Lol. So it's pretty much whats been happening. 

Right now We're in the SIMPLE trend. You don't have to overdue it less is more. There was a time when we were putting on 20 different bracelets that were all types of metals and it just worked. Now in 2021 simple is just more. Just adding one bracelet will be fine and we don't have to pull our girlfriends to the side before we enter the event asking them if we look right. 

If you're still not sure on how to wear your bracelets which is totally fine Classy Chic Fierce has put together a few "steps" on how to incorporate your bracelet with your outfits. 


Consider Your Event

Listen girl, I feel you! When it's time to select my jewelry pieces I'm often looking into space and looking back at the jewelry pieces I have in my jewelry box. That was the old me before I got into Fine Jewelry. The new me thinks about the environment I'm about to attend. When I'm at work I typically pick a bracelet that is thin and stylish, light weight so I won't lose it, and easy to take off when I have to wash my hands. 

When I'm hanging out with my girls, going out on a date with Bae, or getting flewed I go for a bracelet that you can't miss when I'm dressed. Something that compliments my outfit and is noticeable that will turn heads and make whoever double look. 


Pick A Classy Bracelet

Picking a classy bracelet means everything because it's classy enough to wear with your tight fighting black dress when you're getting ready to see the ball drop for New Years or when you're putting on your blazer for the next women empowerment event. You won't have to take forever to decide once you're finished getting dressed because the classy bracelet typically goes with everything. A classy bracelet can be gold, white gold, or even silver. 


Don't load your arm

Remember what we talked about earlier. Less is more! If you find an everyday bracelet you won't need to load your arm with tons of bracelets. A single bracelet for going out and a single bracelet for going to work. You don't need too many to still be stylish and cute. Plus if you're wearing a long sleeve shirt you'll look crazy with all those bracelets going up your sleeve like that. Lol. 


Pick a Bracelet that's a Good Quality

Okay, so here's the thing...if you pick a good quality bracelet you get to actually keep it for a while. That way you're not running back and forth to the hair store every time you want to add a little glam to your outfit or just to have to make you feel extra cute and beautiful. I'm telling you jewelry really does enhance you and I know you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about when you randomly decide to put on a bracelet after you got ready for work and was almost headed out the door. You did it to add a little more oomph. So if you get a good quality metal the bracelet will last a while and you won't have to decide on putting it on because it's now your go to bracelet to wear. You wont be looking through the jewelry box for which one because you now have a favorite thats quality. 


So pick wisely when you're picking you're purchasing a bracelet. Make sure it's affordable for you and make sure its good quality. Hopefully this guide has helped you. Trust me the old me is excited about the new me when it comes to jewelry. 


Peace, Love, & Jewelry



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