Lost But Found; Story behind the Signature Bracelet

Hey Girl! Let me tell you about the story behind My Signature bracelet. Now you know, I am and have always been in love with jewelry since I was a little girl. A few years ago, I received a beautiful tennis bracelet for my birthday. I was so excited to have that bracelet, I wore it everywhere, to work, to school, to the gym , to the park, EVERYWHERE. I noticed the stones began to fall out towards the beginning and ending of the bracelet. Which I could’ve went to the company and received a new one but  I decided not to. This year, my ex boyfriend was suppose to  replace the bracelet because I accidentally vacuumed it up (lol). I never received the new replacement bracelet. Since I have my own online jewelry boutique, the thought crossed my mind to design my own bracelet, but I knew it would take time and money; one of these things I didn’t have much of, which was the time. I placed that thought at the back of my mind and began to focus on the jewelry that I did have in stock. I began to search for a bracelet similar to avoid the actual design process right?! Wrong! Every bracelet I came across I found something wrong with it, some were too thin, or too shiny or the quality was awful. I started to research different things, about actually designing my own bracelet. Once, I accepted the fact that I was going to design my own bracelet because what I was looking for didn’t exist to my liking.  I knew I wanted a luxury bracelet, I had a vision in my head of how it was going to look and feel. My top priority was to create an experience for my customers. Also I needed a transition piece, something that was going to transform my brand from costume jewelry to luxury jewelry smoothly. I searched and searched for a manufacturer with great reviews, I even looked as far as to see jewelry pieces they’ve done in the past. Once I found the manufacturer I wanted, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I submitted an email to them, explaining to the best of my ability,  the type of bracelet I wanted. They sent me back a few examples and the bracelet I envisioned was there with slight differences of course. We negotiated back and forth for days, maybe even weeks because of the time difference. Also because I stood firm on what I wanted for my brand, of course, they were trying to push another bracelet but I was not having it! I knew exactly what I wanted and made a few slight changes with the stone sizes, types of metals and the importance of the bracelet being adjustable to any size wrist. That mattered to me because I wanted every woman that I came in contact with to be able to experience the luxury quality of this bracelet. Now, we’ve gotten all the kinks out and it was time for production to start, before we can produce such a mass amount, I needed a sample. Why?! To test the quality and feel of the bracelet, of course, they sent me videos and pictures but I needed to see it in person. Honeyyyy, when the sample signature bracelet arrived, I screamed and cried tears of joy! The Signature Bracelet was heavy, had the perfect amount of shine/bling and just everything I envisioned it to be. To see my vision come to life was one of the happiest moments of my life. I also cried because I’m a black woman and I created my own luxury bracelet for my customers and I to experience. The sample bracelet is MINE and I wear it everywhere because it is near and dear to my heart. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy The Signature Bracelet as much as I do. Be sure to tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #shopclassychicfierce to be featured on our website and Instagram page  @classychicfierce, follow us.  

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